Through risk management, potential risk at any stage of the transport can be identified, analyzed and evaluated. Based on that we can suggest appropriate measures for its elimination, control and or reduction.

Transport is a complex and difficult process. At almost every stage of transport chain the cargo could be exposed to risk:

  • Physical damage
  • Theft
  • Spoilage

ELoss prevention and risk managementTS offers a wide loss prevention program, taking into consideration that 80% of losses can be prevented with an adequate knowledge and study of the transport chain and its risks.

  1. Packaging control and assessment. Container stuffing, bracing and securing.
  2. Risk analysis throughout the transport chain.
  3. Inspection of warehouses and terminals. Temporary storage areas feasibility.
  4. Route inspections.
  5. Port evaluation and feasibility.
  6. Supervision and evaluation of transport means and methods.
  7. Lifting procedures review.